Watney Mann Team Cup      
  The Watney Mann Team Cup Competition is open to all Teams based within Leagues in Sussex.  
  The winning team goes forward to represent Sussex County in the AEBBA Team Championships.  
  Competition Rules      
  All ties are played over 2 legs, home and away, with the first named team to be at home in the first leg.  
  Teams consist of 5 players, with the order of players being drawn at random before the start of each leg.  
  The home team takes the break in games 1 and 4, the away team breaks in games 2,3 and 5.  Games are not even break.  
  In the event of a 5-5 aggregate result, a tie breaker will take place immediately between 1 nominated player from each team,  
  the tie-break players MUST be nominated prior to the draw for order of play at the start of the second leg match.  
  The tie break game will be even break, equal opportunity, with the away team player will take the first break.  
  All results and queries should be sent to the Competition Secretary, Tony Jenner.    
  Competition Results      
  Year Winners Runners-Up    
  2014 White Hart Littlehampton (Worthing) Charles Dickens (Worthing) Results & Averages  
  2013 Ye Olde Black Horse (Brighton) Atlas C (Brighton) Results & Averages  
  2012 Laughing Fish (Lewes) White Hart A (Worthing) Results & Averages  
  2011 New Sussex Hotel A (Worthing) Plough Plumpton (Mid-Sussex) Results & Averages  
  2010 Three Horseshoes (Worthing) Romans (Brighton) Results & Averages  
  2009 Swan B (Worthing) Three Horseshoes (Worthing) Results & Averages  
  2008 Brewery Tap (Brighton) Three Horseshoes (Worthing) Results  
  2007 Brewery Tap (Brighton) Swan B (Worthing) Results  
  2006 Brewery Tap (Brighton) Windmill Southwick (Worthing) Results  
  2005 Stadium Hove (Brighton) Swan B (Worthing) Results  
  2004 Swan B (Worthing) Albion D (Brighton) Results  
  2003 Swan B (Worthing) Albion D (Brighton) Results  
  2002 Stadium Hove (Brighton) Stadium (Worthing) Results  
  2001 Dyke Tavern (Brighton) Stadium (Worthing) Results  
  Records & Previous Winners      
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