Sussex News – 2014 Issue Number 3

Summer, a time for relaxing in the sunshine and spending time with the family…. Or taking part in many of the summer competitions that are available around the county and the national tournaments that are also being played.


Congratulations to the White Hart Littlehampton for winning the Watney Mann Cup this year beating The Charles Dickens 7-3 overall in the Final.  The first leg of the final was played at the White Hart on Monday 21st September and Martin Cole (10,090) gave the home team a good start.  Alan Messer won a close game to put the White Hart 2-0 up before Gary Ridley (10,760) pulled the visitors back into the game.  Kevin Tunstall (9,680) made sure his team would have the advantage for the second leg but Neil Higgins (7,650) won the last to keep the match in the balance.  The second leg was played at the Swan in Worthing and Kevin Tunstall (8,540) gave the visitors a great start winning the first game against the break.  Jim Greensted (8,810) doubled the lead and the match was over when Gerry Fitzjohn (10,230) made it 3-0 to the White Hart.  Graham Lewis (12,140) hit the best score of the night to give the home team their only win before Alan Messer (8,070) won the last to make the score 7-3 overall.  Good luck to the White Hart who will now represent Sussex at the All England Team Championships at Didcot Conservative Club in Oxford on Sunday 19th October.


Sussex A Ladies continued their incredible run of victories at the Ladies County Championships played at Didcot Conservative Club on Sunday 28th September winning their 7th consecutive title and 22nd Overall championship.  The day started well for them with a convincing 9.5 – 0.5 win over the Sussex B Team with Ros Appleby saving the whitewash for the B Team by drawing with Sandra Hall in one of the legs before wins over Oxon B (8-2) and Berkshire 7-3 gave them a 2.5 point lead going into the last series against closest rivals Oxon A.  A 7-3 win in that match sealed the title and gave Sussex A a winning margin of 6.5 points in the end with Oxon A finishing as runners-up ahead of Oxon B and Berkshire with Sussex B Ladies finishing last on this occasion.  Janet Burns (Berks) topped the individual averages with 7 wins our of 8 with Bella Stoner, Michelle Baden and Jenny Parsons (Oxon A) also winning 7 of their games while Jean Brackenridge and Jan Bithell both won 6 games and Sandra Hall  (5.5 wins) completing the Sussex A Team line-up.  Ros Appleby led the way with 4.5 wins for the Sussex B Team who sadly lost all of their matches while Colleen Park (2) and Sheena Wood (1) the other B Team players that won games with Toni Hunt and Zoe Stoner both suffering some close defeats.  Bella Stoner won the High Break Award with 5,810.


Kevin Tunstall completed a good day for Sussex by winning the All-England Singles title beating Geoff Jukes (Surrey) in the Final.  Kevin had won all 3 of his matches in his Group including a very close win by just 160 points over Paul Sainsbury (Berks) after chasing down the 17,440 target that Paul had set him while Geoff had won his Group on aggregate from Ray Hussey (Bucks) to reach the final.  Mark Trafford (Oxon) won the High Break Award with 18,820.


Berkshire A retained their title as Division 1 County Champions at Didcot Conservative Club on Sunday 21st September finishing the day with 22 points leaving them just 1 point ahead of runners-up Sussex A.   As always it was a closely fought contest and Surrey A actually led the competition going into the last series of games but a 5-2 defeat to Berkshire meant that Surrey slipped down to third place with 20 points while Kent A and Oxon A both finishing on 16 points.  Hampshire were relegated after a 6-1 defeat to Sussex left them on only 10 points.  Kevin Tunstall topped the overall individual averages with 4 wins out of 5 with Ian Lelliott also winning 4 of his matches.  Dave Ingram, Jim Greensted and Nigel Senior won 3 of their matches while Mike Daw and Colin Southouse both won 2 matches on their Sussex A debuts.


Jean Brackenridge won the Ladies All-England Singles title at Didcot Conservative Club on Sunday 21st September, with only 5 Ladies available the competition was played on a round-robin basis and Jean won 3 of her 4 games to just beat Pauline Withey (Oxon) on aggregate score despite Pauline beating her in the final match.  Anite Blackman (Surrey) finished third with 2 wins and Dawn Jordan (Bucks) and Carla Jolly (Berks) both won one match and Carla took the High Break Award with 7,610.


Mark Trafford (Oxon) won the Berkshire Open on Sunday 14th September, unusually it was played at the Berinsfield Social Club in Oxford after Mark had kindly offered to run the competition when Berkshire were unable to find a venue.  Mark played well all day and beat Dave Ingram in a closely fought final after defeating Gerry Fitzjohn (Kent) in the semi-final and Jon Bamsey (Oxon) in the quarter-final while Dave had beaten Geoff Mace (Oxon) and Mark Brewster (Kent) at the same stages with Tony Martin (Oxon) and Bill Kerr the other quarter-finalistsMichelle Baden reached the Last 16 and Dave Ingram won the High Break Award with 18,700 and Dawn Jordan (Bucks) won the Ladies High Break Award.


The Plate Competition gave us an all-Ladies final with Pauline Withey (Oxon) just beating Jenny Florey (Oxon) in the Final, Pauline had beaten Simon Coleman (Northants) in the semi-final and Rob Jones in the quarter-final while Jenny beat Damian Coates (Northants) and Doug Carswell (Bucks) at the same stages with Stuart Carruthers and Ian Gordon (Oxon) the other losing quarter-finalists with Ros Appleby reaching the Last 16.


Kevin Tunstall won the Bucks Open that was played at Princes Risborough Golf Club on Sunday 10th August, beating Ian Lelliott in a close final.  Kevin also won the High Break Award with 17,500 in the quarter-finals against Bill Kerr and then went on to beat Paul Sainsbury (Berks) in the semi-final while Ian had beaten Jim Greensted and Mark James at the same stages with Richard Wooton and Mark Brewster (Kent) the other quarter-finalists, Iain Tarrant, Michelle Baden, Kevin Hall and Phil Osborne all reached the Last 16.  Pauline Withey took the Ladies High Break Trophy with 3,380. 


Martin Cole completed a good day for Sussex by winning the Plate Competition beating Lee Radford (Hants) in the Final, .having beaten Curt Driver (Kent) in the semi-final and Mark Trafford (Oxon) in the Quarter-Final while Lee had beaten Vinnie Mitchell (Kent) and Sandra Hall at the same stages with Doug Carswell (Bucks) and Chris Newson (Hants) the other quarter-finalists.  Colin Southouse and Stuart Carruthers both reached the Last 16.


Mark Brewster (Kent) claimed his first national title winning the AEBBA British Off-the-Spot title that was played at the Suburban Club in Chatham on Sunday 27th July beating Mark Trafford (Oxon) in the Final.  Mark B had beaten Rob Hall in the semi-final and Dave Ingram in the quarter-final while Mark T had defeated Ian Lelliott and Kevin Tunstall at the same stages with Kevin Clark (Kent) and Bill Kerr the other losing quarter-finalists.  Mike Daw, Colin Southouse, Matthew Knight and Kyle Ingram all reached the Last 16 while Dave Ingram won the High Break Award with 15,280 and Hayley Tunstall won the Ladies High Break Award


Curt Driver (Kent) won the Plate Competition beating Nigel Senior in the final after Curt had beaten Doug Carswell (Bucks) in the semi-final and Tony Jenner in the Quarter-Final with Nigel beating Richard Corbould (Kent) and Martin Smith at the same stages with Sandra Hall and Stuart Carrurthers the other quarter-finalistsLana Stoner joined her Dad Kevin Stoner in reaching the Last 16 of the Plate Competition along with Kevin Hall.


Richard Wooton claimed his second national title and joined an elite few that have won back-to-back Opens when he won the Kent Classic Open that was played at the Six in One Club on Sunday 13th July beating Gerry Fitzjohn (Kent) in the Final.  Richard had beaten Nigel Senior in the semi-final and Gary Powell (Surrey) in the quarter-finals while Gerry had beaten Kevin Hall and Phil Osborne at the same stages with Martin Cole and Ian Moss the other losing quarter-finalists.  Kevin Tunstall, Martin Smith and Steven Daw all reached the Last 16 with Kevin also claiming the High Break Award with 17,550.


Paul Sainsbury (Berks) won the Plate Competition beating Tony Martin (Oxon) in the Final after defeating Mark Brewster (Kent) in the semi-final and Colin Robbins (Surrey) in the quarter-finals with Tony beating Richard Corbould (Kent) and Tony Cross (Surrey) at the same stages with Sandra Hall and Bill Kerr the other losing quarter-finalists.  Darrell Skinner, Jim Greensted, Mike Daw and Chris Hagger all reached the Last 16.