Inter League scores over 10K: Season 2007-08
No player team score H/A Brk versus venue
1 K Tunstall Wor A 24,740 A Y N Chamberlain Imperial
2 N Senior Btn A 24,710 H Y G Jukes Brewery Tap
3 C Reeves Btn A 24,230 H Y C Thompson Brewery Tap
4 K Tunstall Wor A 21,520 A Y N Senior Brewery Tap
5 B Holt Wor A 19,160 A Y D Reeves Brewery Tap
6 D France Wor B 18,080 A Y M  Leach Imperial
7 N Senior Btn A 17,580 A Y D Phillips Imperial
8 G Lloyd Btn A 17,520 H N G Ridley Brewery Tap
9 R Wooton Btn A 17,450 H N N Chamberlain Brewery Tap
10 P Sainsbury T Wells 16,930 H Y P Oakley Imperial
11 C Reeves Btn A 16,510 H N M Squires Brewery Tap
12 K Tunstall Wor A 16,110 A Y D Constable Old Oak
13 G Lloyd Btn A 16,040 A Y M Leach Imperial
14 M Smith Wor A 15,320 H Y D Constable 3 Horseshoes
15 C Tupper Btn A 14,970 H Y I Wright Brewery Tap
16 G Jukes Red A 14,700 H Y B Richards Old Oak
17 J Greenstead Red C 14,610 A Y T Molloy Albion
18 C Robbins Red A 14,470 A N R Dewdney Brewery Tap
19 A Brackenridge Btn B 14,020 H Y J Clough Albion
20 V Mitchell T Wells 14,000 H Y P Barnett Imperial
21 G Jukes Red A 13,740 H Y G Chubb Old Oak
22 D Ingram Mid Sx B 13,620 H Y D Johnson Hurst Club
23 C Reeves Btn A 13,610 H N R Taylor Brewery Tap
24 P Sainsbury T Wells 13,500 H Y C Tupper Imperial
25 B Stevens T Wells 13,450 H Y J Wadsworth Imperial
26 I Lelliott Wor A 13,440 H N V Mitchell Swan
27 V Mitchell T Wells 13,400 H Y S Mariner Imperial
28 J Brackenridge Btn B 13,170 H Y E Butler Albion
29 N Senior Btn A 12,930 A Y K Tunstall Elms
30 G Powell Red A 12,880 A Y M Russell Imperial
No player team score H/A Brk versus venue
31 C Reeves Btn A 12,680 A N N Brown Swan
32 J Greenstead Red C 12,530 H N C Haynes Old Oak
33 D Reeves Btn A 12,380 H N B Richards Brewery Tap
34 T Coghlan Btn B 12,030 A Y G Holman Old Oak
35 G Jukes Red A 12,000 A Y I Lelliott 3 Horseshoes
36 D Reeves Btn A 11,900 H N P Reece Brewery Tap
37 B Stevens T Wells 11,650 H Y N Higgins Imperial
38 T Molloy Btn B 11,650 H N C Creasy Albion
39 R Sawyer Bill 11,610 H Y A Cleveland Limeburners
40 R Wooton Btn A 11,600 A Y M Spier Elms
41 B Stevens T Wells 11,570 A Y N Senior Brewery Tap
42 R Taylor Wor A 11,550 A Y D Phillips Imperial
43 I Lelliott Wor A 11,530 A Y M Leach Imperial
44 C Southouse East 11,450 A Y M Chipman Black Horse
45 J Brackenridge Btn B 11,270 H Y M Chipman Albion
46 N Senior Btn A 11,210 H Y D France Brewery Tap
47 K Tunstall Wor A 11,110 A Y D Mahy Swan
48 R Wooton Btn A 10,950 H N G Powell Brewery Tap
49 D Constable Red A 10,870 H Y C Reeves Old Oak
50 T Rees Mid Sx B 10,750 H N K Newman Hurst Club
51 P Jobbins Mid Sx B 10,720 A Y D Robins Montreal
52 D Ingram Mid Sx B 10,690 H Y S Wood Hurst Club
53 T Jenner Wor C 10,650 H N K Wilkinson Windmill
54 P Jobbins Mid Sx B 10,640 H N W Prior Hurst Club
55 A Brackenridge Btn B 10,620 A Y M Greenway Old Oak
56 P Jobbins Mid Sx B 10,390 H Y A Cleveland Hurst Club
57 C Robbins Red A 10,250 A Y P Sainsbury Imperial
58 R Plaw Red C 10,220 H Y R Todd Old Oak
59 I Lelliott Wor A 10,160 A Y R Dewdney Brewery Tap
60 B Stevens T Wells 10,110 H Y N Brown Imperial
61 D Mahy Wor B 10,090 A N T Oakley Old Oak
62 I Wright T Wells 10,060 H N R Wooton Imperial
63 M Leach T Wells 10,000 H Y C Thompson Imperial
Kevin has now topped the Inter League high score table for a second season.
This table was topped by Brighton players for 10 seasons prior.
The last non-Brighton player to top the table was Sean Taylor back in 1995-96.